Dns修改好了 一直待处理的名称服务器更新

在速度中 一直返回503


izuanla.com 已经设置为cloudflare的DNS了

这种情况下 如何有效解决

你可以请求 Cloudflare 服务支持 帮你重新運行网页速度测试。
请登入 https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support

已经提交了 cloudflare 还没有回复 怎么办啊 弄十几天了 一直激活不了

你好 你是怎么完成的 我一直检查名称服务器 还是没有激活


你好 我请求服务支持了 还没回复 又要被攻击了 你能帮帮我吗

谁能帮帮我 我可以付费

Hi @916830055, the domain is pending in your account waiting for confirmation of the name server change. Whois shows the change:

$ whois izuanla.com

But, looks like it’s still propagating, https://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/izuanla.com.

Probably due to DNSSEC needing to be removed before the nameserver change takes effect, https://www.cloudflare.com/diagnostic-center/?url=izuanla.com

Can you share your ticket number from Support?

我已经修改好DNS 一天多了 也提示域转移完成 可是一直激活不了






2.这种情况下 Under Attack 模式已激活 管用吗

谁可以帮帮我 修改DNS已经快两天了 还是没有反应 可以付费

DDOS攻击我网站的人 要我挂违法广告 我不敢挂 Cloudflare又激活不了

可否分享你的服务请求ID,或许 @cloonan 可以帮帮忙


服务请求ID在哪里查看啊 @cloonan

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请浏览 https://support.cloudflare.com/ 并登入,然后点击右上角的头像 - 点击 我的活动
寻找你最近的请求,你就会看到请求 Id


@cloonan can you follow up on this ticket?

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Looks like propagation is still happening for that zone, https://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/izuanla.com. Change appears to be pending to anita and rajeev. But, @916830055, those are not the name servers assigned to your account.

This zone has a lot of history on cloudflare. If you are the zone owner, @916830055, you need to contact your registrar and ask them to change the name servers to those originally assigned to that domain.

The zone is currently active on a partial partner setup, in that case you do not change your name servers to cloudflare. (I cannot see that anita and rajeev were ever assigned to that zone, so not sure where those name servers came from).

Once that is resolved you can address the 503 issue on the Speed tab ( 速度测试无法运行。), in this case, under attack mode is active and you are seeing the 503 error. That is described in this tip, Community Tip - Fixing "The Speed test could not run". Once you have the name server issue resolved and the change is propagated, disable under attack mode and re-run the speed test. Please let us know how it works out.

Post back and let us know how it’s going & really sorry for the troubles.

Hi @916830055, I see you’re still encountering some issues. Can you give us an update on actions you’ve taken and any issues you are currently seeing?

Some ideas for dealing with the Speed Test could not run issue, that you can take after propagation is complete. The speed test won’t run unless the site is active on Cloudflare. Once it is, if you are still having issues, check out Community Tip - Fixing "The Speed test could not run". I suspect you’ll find a firewall rule that is blocking access as suggested in quick fix idea 3. Once the site is active and if you still have issues running the test, can you disable your firewall rules for a moment and see if you are able to run the test?