DNS Zones Not Updating After Changing Hosting

I have website that was hosted on a company. And the website was on Cloudflare. Now I changed the hosting company and the whole DNS zones need to change. I deleted the domain from Cloudflare and tried to add it again. During the DNS records scan process, it gave the same old records for the old hosting that was stored on Cloudflare. Even after all the records updated globally. How can I force Cloudflare to rescan every record and not get me the old ones. I can’t add the records manually because there is A LOT of records and also A LOT of domains I have to add.


Just to confirm are you currently not using Cloudflare as your authorative DNS provider (you have moved away from our nameservers when you deleted the zone?)

If that is the case you will need to wait for the zone to get ‘purged’ which typically takes 7 days from the point of deletion.

Alternatively the best way to upload your new DNS zone file is to use the importer - Import and export records · Cloudflare DNS docs

If you have the zone file in BIND format, you should be able to upload.

Keep in mind that the ‘scan’ tool that automatically adds records is not always 100% accurate to get every DNS record, it still requires manual review to ensure all records are pulled across - using the import tool is a better way.

Hope this helps!

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