DNS Zones for Cloudflare

I need to move my DNS records over to Go Daddy. Can you tell me what out of all the zones that are in Cloudflare are just for Cloudflare? I don’t want to remove anything that I shouldn’t.


If you move your DNS records to GoDaddy, you can no longer use Cloudflare. Can you explain why you need to do this?
Why can you not add whatever records you need in Cloudflare?

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We have had some issues with Cloudflare lately so I think its best to go directly from godaddy to the hosting account. I just wanted to know what zone records are associated with cloudflare so I don’t move those over too. I’ve got my website A record, clickfunnels record and MX records for the emails but there are about 30 different records in the dns zone.

Unless you use Mail-Routing or DMARC management, none of them are from Cloudflare.

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