DNS Zone removed on its own - No DNS!

Over the weekend transferred by long time standing domain from no-ip to cloudflare, this happened pretty quick…
I created my initial cloudflare account as apple sign in - as I need acces to the API keys fopr my zone I created a “normal” account added as a admin user and used this account for api access…
All was fine until this morning when I had muiltiple accounts showing then all of a suddent they all disappeared ?
I have no DNS Zone left nothing… but I paid cloudflare for the transfer already… I cannot see any of my billing or invoices… my api access is also now failing
Kinda regretting the move … can anyone advise 0 I have filed a ticket but no one is responding ?
At the very least I need control of my domain to unlock it as now I want to move away from Cloudflare due to these issues…

What is that ticket number?

Oh wow, thanks buddy it is 3252257, thanks again

I have re-registered the domain ending .com but is stuck on pending for name server updates, but I can’t change this as it’s still somewhere in Cloudflare which I have zero visibility of :frowning:

Hi @cloonan Sorry to be a pain - did you have a chance to look at this… I lost access to my domain all day and still no access

I have flagged your ticket for my colleagues in Support. Are you able to login to the account where you transferred the domain?

Been over 2 days now and not one assist - I had one reply in the ticket and I responded within 10 mins that was 2 days ago…

So just had a response from support advising me again to readd the domain - which I have explained numerous times already the control panel software provided by cloudflare is not allowing me to do so ?
I have had a loss of service since tuesday until now and still ongoing…

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support. My name is Daniel and I will be assisting you today.
I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some problems regarding your service.

I vehemently apologize for the delayed solution here, which was consequence of an ongoing and unexpected Billing Incident - Status Page

I’ll keep you update on your ticket.

Kind regards,

Still have no domain one week later… please!

All is fixed perfectly - THANK YOU!