DNS zone problem after moving to new host

I setup and used Cloudflare a year or so ago. But, have since deleted the website from Cloudflare. I recently moved our website and was told the following:

We’ve detected that your domain website . org may have an existing DNS zone at Cloudflare. Until the Cloudflare DNS is removed, you may experience problems using the domain. Contact Cloudflare support to have the DNS zone removed.

I can’t seem to contact Cloudflare by online help. Can anyone suggest feedback on how to find out is Cloudflare needs to remove DNS record?

The domain you referenced, website.org, is not using Cloudflare to host its DNS.

Sorry, aacle . org

That domain is not using Cloudflare either. That warning is probably something that Siteground drafted poorly. You should ask them for clarification.

Does this domain appear in your Cloudflare dashboard?

It’s a long story, but the message came from Kinsta. We had to move twice before finding its home. The domain has been deleted from Cloudflare for well over a year.

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