DNS Zone not working

Hello guys

I have two domains pointed to the buck/vera nameservers but only one is actually working.

I know there was a problem with free plans, and was resolved, but for me the problem persist.

Tried diferents dns lookup but all give me nxdomain

Hello, can you please check if the right nameserver is provided to your registrar?

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Hello Mark,

The nameserver at registrar is correct, i’m using cloudflare with this domain for years

Can you please provide the domain name which isn’t working?

This one, qxpress.com.py

Yesterday, and at the morning was fine, also i didn’t change anything

Can you please double check if the nameservers are right. If I try to lookup the ns of your domain it seems like no servers are deposited.

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 01.39.40

Maybe there is a problem with your registrar. If you’re that you have provided the right nameservers I would reach out to the registrar and ask them if everything is okay from their side.

Nameservers are correct but there was a problem with the registrar.

They are working on solve it, thanks for the help!

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