DNS zone must be removed

Good afternoon, I am reaching you out for the following reason:

We are hosting our domain with KINSTA servers and the Cloudflare services are being deployed for Kinsta customers.

Unfortunately our domain is not accessible right now and KINSTA advised us to request Cloudflare the following: The DNS zone must be removed for excusemecaptain.com domain.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Do you have an account at Cloudflare with that domain in it?

Not that we know of. Maybe it was done years ago but we are not aware of it.

I suspect Kinsta has sent you on a wild goose chase, as you can’t just ask Cloudflare to remove a domain when you don’t even have an account here.

I suggest you go back to Kinsta and tell them to fix this before you pay them any money. They have an expensive account with Cloudflare and should be able to get someone at Cloudflare to fix it.

Yes, i completely agree that this process of the client has to ask external vendor (Cloudflare) does not make any sense at all. I already complained.

They double checked it and they confirmed that there are certain Cloudflare IPs llinked to our domain which KINSTA doesn’t use (and they cant do anything about it).

That doesn’t make sense. That implies PTR (Reverse IP lookup), which Cloudflare doesn’t do. Someone had to have added your hostname(s) to Cloudflare under another account. You’re certainly in no position to fix that, but Kinsta is.

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