DNS Zone issue


We’re experiencing strange issues. Last september we registered a domainnaam shoerepair-online.com and associated our nameservers from our CF account with it.

Lately I’ve noticed that it has active DNS records and does redirect the visitors to spam websites.

I did not have created a DNS zone in our account for this domain until today? How is this possible?
Also when I tried to create a DNS zone this morning, CF didn’t create a zone at our standard nameservers but suggested other nameservers which we don’t recognize or have ever used.

I’ve never experienced such strange DNS behavior with a newly registered account…

Please advice asap for getting this spam removed and also that we can use our own nameservers as usual…


Nameservers are domain specific. It is not a good idea to change the nameservers to point to a service that you do not control.

You should be aware of the risks associated with changing your nameservers to Cloudflare’s before adding the site to your account. You are changing the nameservers to point to a service that you don’t yet control. Cloudflare has over 2,500 nameserver combinations but there are a lot more than 2,500 accounts. The nameserver pair you are changing to won’t be unique to you. This is why nameservers are domain specific, not account level. When you add a domain, by default you will use the same pair of nameservers as the rest of your domains, however if the domain has already been added to another accout with the same pair, you will be given different ones to point to. This ensures that the domain is always under the control of the rightful owner, but only works if you follow the correct process to add the site in your dashboard and then change the nameservers to the pair requested.

You don’t own these nameservers.


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