DNS zone file

Guys im trying add a .ie domain but tegister 365 are insisting that CF have a DNS zone file in place
Does anyone know how I can resolve this?

The Irish Domain registry (IEDR) have put a policy in place where they wont accept a Nameserver change unless there is a DNS zone file in place on the destination server.

Therefore, please ensure that the company that you are changing the NS to have a DNS zone file in place before you change Nameservers otherwise the IEDR will reject the change. This is to ensure maximum uptime of websites

Cloudflare will provide that once the domain has been added to Cloudflare.

What domain is it?


thx for the prompt reply Sandro👍

Have you already added the domain to Cloudflare? If so, which nameservers did it give you?

I already had this domain pointing

Do I need to delete this first?
I cane check the nameserver when I log on.
I will post in an hr

That domain is not related to the other one.

Simply add the original one to Cloudflare and you should get the right nameservers.

wrappd.ie added

these are NS

Could the domain be also added to some other account? The nameservers you mentioned do not announce your domain so far. You might have to open a support ticket.

I think i see the problem - the site was added under .com - not .ie

Yes, that domain is announced. Remove it and add the right domain.

how to i remove – dont see delete option

Should be at the bottom right on the Overview screen.

Got it thx
i have changed the NS at register365
And this time i did not receive the error

Sandro thx for your help
this stuff can be frustrating when ur a nube

No worries, though currently the domain still points to the original nameservers. Sometimes it can take a bit to actually change.

yeah - its saying it could take uo to 48hrs

That’s typically DNS propagation. Changes at the registry are faster.

Whois already shows the nameservers, so we can assume they are properly set and DNS will eventually reflect it too.

Nameservers changed and domain should be active on Cloudflare.