DNS? www works naked domain does not

CNAME record for www record and A record for hopegate.academy have both been added to Cloudflare Hopegate Academy website DNS section.
www.hopegate.academy works but hopegate.academy does not.
A record IP Address is same as www. Here is DNS settings screenshot:

Since both DNS entries are unproxied (:grey:) this issue can not be related to Cloudflare. The issue exists, but it’s not related to Cloudflare.

What you could do is:

  • proxy (:orange:) the hopegate.academy DNS entry and redirect it with a PageRule to www.hopegate.academy
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Will this solution cause Browser Security Messages?


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No, it will not.

Just use a PageRule like this, after you turned on proxy (:orange:):

Forwarding URL with status code "302" to

After you can confirm it works properly change the status code to “301”. But pls just after that.

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Your CNAME is pointing to a third-party hosting service. The issue lies at that hosting service. If they have not configured their server to respond to the naked domain, nothing you do will work, short of redirecting the naked domain to the “www” address, so that their server will know how to respond to the request. (As @M4rt1n suggested)

Pointing to the IP address with the A record as you have done is a recipe for disaster if they ever change the IP. Looking up the IP, that appears to point to a “googleusercontent” site, which means the IP address is by no means guaranteed.

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