DNS working a bit strange

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I have a domain which is using Cloudflare DNS.

But, my hosting provider says that something is wrong in the DNS, and even checks they do at DNSChecker returns different values, other than the ones provided by Cloudflare.

So, in order to assure them I have done everything correctly here (and the domain is working, only the e-mails not), where can I verify in Cloudflare dashboard what are the “real” nameservers (not the ones provided by Cloudflare)? The nameservers I’ve informed when I created this new site.

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I am not sure if we can get this information via CF dashboard (Audit Log, maybe?), nevertheless there is a way to get this information by using the Cloudflare API → Zone Details → look up for “original_name_servers” in the JSON response.

However via DNS history using online tools it’s possible to view the nameservers before we’ve changed them to Cloudflare.

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Great! Thank you very much!

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