DNS worked once then never again

Hello! I am hosting a Minecraft server from my PC and set up an A Record and a SRV record. The using in using cloudflare is for a name and because I need this DNS to have WebSockets. Anyway, I can connect to my server with my own IP, the same one that is selected as the ipv4 for my A Record, but I was only able to use my domain once. Is it because it is new, and it needs time or did something happen? It worked the first time I made my SRV and there was a minimal time in-between when I made the SRV record and when I was able to get on the server with it. The only thing I could like of is that I used Caddy to reverse proxy and I closed the cmd prompt without shutting the server down, I dont think that is it though. Maybe I just need to wait but its weird because it worked before.

Did you resolve this @adambutternubs?

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