DNS WordPress and uk2.net hosting


Need some help to put my mind at ease. Began the DNS around lunchtime yesterday and it’s now 9am the next morning. I’ve added the 2 DNS names to my hosting provider however I did not expect this long for it to change. What happens after the 24hour period? Have I done something wrong?

Help is much appreciated thanks, Robert


It’s usually not that long, but it can take 24 to 48 hours for name server information to propagate. What’s the domain?


Hello, the domain is www.glenalmondtimber.com and the hosting provider Cloudflare was pointing to was uk2.net (my work setup a domain years before I joined)


You have a third, non-Cloudflare, name server listed for your domain: DNS3.UK2.NET
This will cause DNS lookup conflicts, so Cloudflare will not proceed until you remove that name server.


Mate, thank you! I did not realise I had a third nameserver. It worked straight away when I removed it :slight_smile:


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