DNS won't update with new A record after returning to Cloudflare

I used Cloudflare for my website defiwatch.net last year. At that time I was using Gitbook as the host and my domain was pointing to my site there.

I later switched nameservers back to Namecheap.

I then re-launched my website with a new IP and new content, but same domain.

I just returned my domain to Cloudflare however it’s still pointing to the old IP at Gitbook despite importing the current DNS settings from Namecheap. I can’t figure out how to update this.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Can you verify on the DNS tab that the A records for your www and/or root record (defiwatch.net) are correct? And that your domain is “active” on the CF dashboard?

Yep it’s correct on the DNS tab.

And yep it’s active. On Cloudflare dashboard it looks like everything should be working fine.

The configuration might be stuck. Could you try turning off the proxied status temporarily? I see that your www works correctly but the root doesn’t. IIRC GitBook used to use Cloudflare’s SSL for SaaS but has since stopped doing that and they don’t even support root domains anymore.

Just switched it to DNS only. Still seems stuck - not sure if it takes a while to update.

The DNS has updated on my end - but unfortunately I don’t think switching it back to proxied would fix it. Using CF directly shows it’s still resolving to GitBook

curl https://defiwatch.net/ --resolve defiwatch.net:443:

 <p class="error-reason">
                        Sorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found.
                    <p class="button-container">
                        <a class="button-primary" href="https://app.gitbook.com">
                            Return to gitbook.com

Thank you for checking - I guess I need Cloudflare support! Not sure if they’re lurking here… I’ll wait maybe 20 minutes before switching nameservers back to Namecheap.

Hi @ChrisBle, your nameservers still point to cloudflare but the zone is purged from your account. Did you switch the nameservers from cloudflare? They appear to be propagating but may either be delayed/prevented by eu domain regulations or an icann hold preventing the update. Both of those are mentioned a lot on this site. If you’ve not yet switched them away I’d re-add the domain to your account and contact your registrar to see if they can help troubleshoot why the change has not yet had an effect. If you’ve not changed them I would do so as using the cf nameservers without the domain added in your account leaves your domain subject to takeover. Post back and let us know how it’s going.

Thanks for the response. I did not switch the domain away from CF yesterday. Just to confirm - do you suggest deleting the domain from CF entirely and then re-adding the domain along with all the records?

No, you don’t need to do that. It looks like the domain was removed and readded to your account and shows now as active in our system. Can you proxy :orange: the A record?

I’d also suggest contacting your registrar if it’s been more than 24 hours since changing the nameservers to cloudflare to see if they can help troubleshoot why the change has not yet propagated (it may be the icann hold that the registrar can remove).

Every time I proxy the A record, it reverts to the wrong IP. I can confirm this on geopeeker.com when I enter the domain there. I contacted Namecheap and they could not help me. I have a support request in to Gitbook as well. Still stumped.

Hi @ChrisBle I noticed the update from @Chris_M, looks like that worked, let us know if not.

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