DNS won't update to point to new A record, even after deleting domain


My site’s DNS was originally with Cloudflare and my domain was pointed to a CNAME. After switching hosting providers, I removed the CNAME and added a new A record. However, after waiting several days the DNS never updated, so I moved to cloudns.net and after a couple hours, the DNS was pointing to the correct IP. Yesterday I deleted my domain from Cloudflare and today I added it back in and manually added records. After adding over 100 records, and waiting for the nameservers to update, it’s now pointing to Cloudflare but IT’S STILL POINTING TO THE PREVIOUS RECORD. I believe this is because of CNAME flattening that happened when I originally had the domain as a CNAME. But I don’t see any ability to turn off CNAME flattening.

I tried emailing customer support, but they won’t offer any assistance despite this being what I believe to be a CORE issue with Cloudflare. This is truly crazy as I honestly don’t know what to do beyond going back to cloudns, but ALL my domains are on Cloudflare and would prefer to keep it all in one place.

Any assistance or help would be greatly appreciated. The domain is ajtatumdigital.com.

By the way, this ONLY happens when I have it set to Proxy through Cloudflare. If I turn off the orange cloud, it goes to the right IP.

That sounds like expected behaviour.

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I want it to Proxy through Cloudflare, but when it does it points to my old hosting provider WP Rocket who uses Cloudflare for their customers so I believe there is an internal issue with Cloudflare or a conflict somewhere.

That sounds like this issue:

Head down to the Liberate The Hostname section for a quick fix.

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