DNS won't update and SSL doesn't work

Hi, Ive changed DNS 24 hours ago but they won’t update and it’s the reason my website doesn’t have CF SSL. Where should I write to review this issue?

Whats the URL?

few, now all are back to hosting dns because this issue

You removed the domain again, but if it was the .club domain you had posted, so, yes, it does not point to Cloudflare.

yeah i removed because i realized I removed CF dns from it, need to add it again and will check again this issue :slight_smile: in touch

Just make sure you replace your current name servers with the ones Cloudflare assigned to you (chuck.ns.Cloudflare.com & tegan.ns.Cloudflare.com) and you should be alright.

I’ve already done it so need to wait for update. I did it correct last time and had strange issue. Main domain still had hosting ip, but subdomain I created had CF IP. So subdomain worked well with ssl, main domain didn’t. We will check it again when dns update in this try.

I do notice your whois does show the Cloudflare servers, but the registry still seem to list the previous ones. So it really might be a propagation thing, I guess it should be fixed shorty though.

Name servers are now updated. Your records still point to the original host however.

so there is the issue in CF site or hosting site or just wait for fix it?

Your hosts are set to :grey: instead of :orange:

so how can i fix this?

Have a look at my previous posting and check out the support section. Thats all explained in there.

omg how could I miss this? :smiley: thanks

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