DNS won;t resolve in 50% of the world?


My DNS won’t resolve… According to DNSchecker.org about 50% of the countries don’t have my IP resolved. I never experienced this earlier with Cloudflare, it is always instant (maximum 5 minutes). I already re-added the records, already tried with and witout proxy but nothing helpen in the last 30 hours. What else is in my power? Now my site is down in almost the entire Netherlands (where my business is).

Sorry, thought i included the link to DNS checker, but my domain is jmodesign.nl

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You have bogus DNSSEC. This is preventing validating resolvers from providing answers. You can view a report at DNSviz.

jmodesign.nl | DNSViz

Make sure that you have enabled DNSSEC at Cloudflare and then use the values provided to update those contained at your registrar. Once your registrar pushes those new values into the nl. zone, you should see validating resolvers begin to return a useful response.

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