DNS with some security checks

For a “keyboard mistake” I generate a security issue on my Cloudflare DNS and after maybe a long time with this issue, an external scanner, organization alerted me about this.

I think Cloudflare should consider to add some security checks that will help the web to be more safer.

The security issue was created because I created a CName record like this:

www.support.mydomain.it points to supportmydomain.it

As you can see I missed the fullstop between support and mydomain.it
Now if someone register supportmydomain.it can create a phishing page where user will be redirected.

Maybe Cloudflare can have a check that if a DNS record point to a not existent domain for more than 24 hours an email will alert the user also to the potential security issue this may cause.

Will be nice implement some intelligent web interface that help users to figure out security issue like this one.