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I need some assistance with the DNS setup. We have the below setup and I’m unsure as to which DNS records to change, do I change it on the host (Fasthost) or Plesk server, or use ServerShield on Plesk?

Also, we are running a Wordpress Multisite using subdomains, the subdomains are on a wildcard in Plesk (*.cathexisvideo(com)), how would I direct these domains through Cloudflare.

Our Setup:

DNS setting:

Cloud Servers (CentOS 6.9 with Plesk 17.8)

WordPress Multisite
*.cathexisvideo(com) (integrations.cathexisvideo(com), downloads.cathexisvideo(com) & training.cathexisvideo(com))

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Your domain appears to be registered with Tucows. You’d need to update your nameservers on their side and associate the two servers listed in your dashboard with your domain.


Hi Sandro

So to clarify the nameserver needs to be updated on Tucowsdomains.com, and then updated on both Fasthost and Plesks dashboard?

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Yes, if tucowsdomains.com is the site where you manage your domain.

Though you dont need to change anything on Fasthost or Plesk, as Cloudflare will control the DNS settings from the moment you change the nameservers. You need to ensure your DNS records in Cloudflare match what you currently have, but I believe Cloudflare will import them at the beginning (verify it nonetheless) and make sure you set the records on Cloudflare to :orange: so that your domain is actually behind and proxied by Cloudflare.


Hi Sandro

Thank you. Fasthost controls the updating of the domain nameservers through tucowsdomains, so will need to do it through them.

With regards the to subdomains, would they also work with this nameserver change?

Thanks for your time and help


Have you registered the domain via Tucows or Fasthost? Do you, yourself, control the domain? Subdomains would still work but would need to be managed via Cloudflare too.


The domain was registered through Fasthost, and has to be updated with Fasthost. Which I can do, no problem.

So with the subdomains, would I add them as A records (points to and server them through CloudFront as seen in this image, is that correct:

Thank you




Great, thank you :slight_smile:

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