DNS with Cloudflare as the registrar doesn't work

Loyal Cloudflare user for 10 years, have utilized it for well over 100 domains, and hundreds of subdomains. This is the first time I have registered a domain through Cloudflare, and would expect it to just work flawlessly as it does when changing the nameservers of domains registered outside of Cloudflare to Cloudflare’s nameservers, but it’s like the DNS doesn’t exist.

Just using a subdomain for reference, but the root domain is configured with records where it intends to be hosted. Note the DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE error here, where it has an A record pointing to a simple page on a server:


WHOIS will show that the namservers are correct, what Cloudflare provided and set up:

Name Server: julissa.ns.cloudflare.com
Name Server: lee.ns.cloudflare.com


nslookup 4pillarstransformation.com
Server:		2600:4041:199:a300:6238:e0ff:fe05:25cb
Address:	2600:4041:199:a300:6238:e0ff:fe05:25cb#53

** server can't find 4pillarstransformation.com: NXDOMAIN


ping test.4pillarstransformation.com
ping: cannot resolve test.4pillarstransformation.com: Unknown host

I can point it with my local /etc/hosts file and it works as expected.

Congratulations on your decade long use of Cloudflare and welcome to the Coloudflare Community.

I am seeing what you are seeing regarding the whois and the failed DNS queries. You will most likely need to open a Cloudflare registrar support ticket. You can do this from your dashboard by choosing Support/Contact Support. Choose Cloudflare Registrar from the What can we help you with? dropdown menu. The remaining choices should be clear enough that you can work out an appropriate combination and submit a ticket.

If your ticket auto closes for some reason, post your ticket number in this topic and it should get revisited.

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Thanks for your reply!

We opened a ticket about two weeks ago, received the usual automated reply with an attempt to automatically resolved, then we replied to that to confirm that we still need help 11 days ago, still crickets as of today with the ticket status as “open”.

I can’t find “What can we help you with?” to select “Cloudflare Registrar” anywhere under Contact Support if I need to resubmit a ticket anywhere.

Ticket #2532314

The domain does not resolve due to this:

Domain Status: clienthold https://icann.org/epp#clienthold

Why it is in that status is something that we can’t assist with here on the community. It usually does work as you described but something is wrong with this specific domain.

Have you received any contact from Cloudflare, specifically the Registrar or Trust & Safety teams regarding this? They sometimes send an email when this happens and explain why.

Thanks, I’ve escalated this.

For future reference this should be in your dashboard at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support .

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Thank you @domjh & @epic.network, sorry for the issues @greg45 I talked with the engineer on your ticket and the team is already on the appropriate path to address your question.


I heard by a lot of people that DNS take much times it’s true?