DNS will not validate at the hosting company

I recently registered my dns name betterhealthysolutions as a.net account. When I try to validate the name with the host provider (dashnex net) version), I get the error domain, dns, and ssl, are all invalid. There is no error code on the hosting company’s site.

When I first signed, up I signed up for the .com version of the above domain name… At the end of the set up I was directed to go to Namecheap to get my dns address. Namecheap indicated that the .com version was not available.I then was able to get the .net version. However, when I navigated back to cloudfare the .com version was still locked in place. I then had to delete the .com version and set up the
.net version of the above site.

My account shows it is active but also indicates further information needs to be provided for dns records (A, AAA, and/or Cname). I am a little unsure what is needed because I do not have specific information like the host providers ip address, or what ip address i should be providing.

My current account with Dashnex the .net version is a subdomain account
(https://dashnexpages.net/subdomainXXXX). I am not sure what formatting is needed for the “cname” or “A” records.

Can anyone tell me what the problem is that is causing my custom domain to fail validation at all 3 levels (Domainname, dns, and ssl). The account is showing as “Active”. I assumed when I signed up for the .com version of the above site, it was valid because Cloudfare allowed me to complete the registration. I assumed that cloudfare would initially validate my domain name when I was signing up, and not allow me to continue if it was not available.

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