DNS Will Not Change

I had moved my site to a new server and then pointed the A Records etc to new server but it still sending to the old server IP when I checked on a DNS Propagation Checker. It has been two days and I have cleared cache.

Change the record back to old value and again to new (assuming it’s Cloudflare fault that record didn’t change).

Thing is if I click the orange cloud to make it gray (dns only) it goes to the new server.

If the cloud is orange, it should resolve to Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

Which cache did you clear?

My next step would be to open up Firefox or Chrome into Dev mode and start looking at server headers.

probably a contact tech support situation if that is the case

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@jmeyer if the record is orange-clouded and you update the IP address in your DNS records, the IPs will not change publicly. Cloudflare proxies traffic to your origin by responding to DNS queries with Cloudflare IPs instead of the real origin IP - that is how we protect your origin server and also cache/optimise your website.

To understand a bit more about this, take a look here:


If you’re still unsure, the best thing to do would be to check the origin server access logs when accessing the website via Cloudflare and you should see your visits hitting the new server.

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