DNS will continue to be served by Cloudflare for 20 days after a zone's nameservers are switched away from Cloudflare nameservers

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Anyone who is able to explain to me what it means “DNS will continue to be served by Cloudflare for 20 days after a zone’s nameservers are switched away from Cloudflare nameservers” ?

I am aware about the fact dns propagations / relocations are taking time, providers are caching dns queries etc. But why keeping records 20 days available while the domain name has been relocated already ?

My ispDashBoard.com services are checking domain names periodically for any updates and the moment I am very sure no dns queries are received anymore for a certain domain name I am removing the domain name from my name servers.

Why is Cloudflare not checking / cleaning up the relocated domain names ?

Sometimes people troubleshoot by changing name servers. Cloudflare will retain settings for 20 days so someone can switch back without losing their DNS records during that time.

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I fully understand your explanation. But keeping records which are not being used anymore ?

Maybe I do not understand CloudFlare’s explanation correctly. While they keeping the records, are they still available for name server requests ? Or are they just keeping records available - only showing up when I am logging in - but they are not available anymore to others ?

If I am asking the wrong questions … No problem telling me. I am just a bit surprised by the fact they keep records for such a long period available.

I’m pretty sure they’re still there, but why would that matter? Nobody should be using them unless they’re deliberately going to the wrong name servers for your domain.

If you’re not comfortable with that, you can certainly delete those records or remove your zone entirely from Cloudflare.

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You are completely right, that’s for sure. I was busy integrating Cloudflare’s api into my own website at Start.YourBlog.Today and I suddenly read that piece of text. So I just wanted to know why they are doing that. That’s all.

Many thanks for you answers and best wishes for 2022. Enjoy you weekend!

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