DNS: why too much record?

Hy community,

I don’t know but I just add in Cloudflare e new domain, and there are so much records, about 200 hundred
Why so many records? What should I do?

You can se some screenshot

thank for your help, I’m a new beginner

I do see you got those records like from A to Z? :thinking:

Seems to me like you’ve had an hostname (DNS record) with an wildcard * (apex) at your hosting provider.

You could modify that particular * hostname at your current hosting/DNS provider, then wait for some time, like few hours, try to re-add your domain again to your Cloudflare account.

But, re-check for the current sub-domains if you are using any, add it manually after you remove wildcard record at your hosting provider.

Otherwise, manually or using the Cloudflare API to remove them one by one.

thanks for your reply.
I don’t have access to my hosting provider.

If I well understood, I can remove all the type record “A” except
type A,
name andreatestaosteopatia.it

Is it right?

Despite I don’t know the full list, I would keep:

  1. A www, A andreatestaosteopatia.it, A mail
  2. AAAA www, AAAA andreatestaosteopatia.it, AAAA mail (if you got them on the list)

and delete all the others for which I am sure are not being used.

Double-check those which have got different IP → those might be in use for some other services? :thinking:

No one other IPD address

There are about 190 record to eliminate, is there a way to use a rule to bulk delete

I wish there is one … unfortunately, not yet possible and we might have to wait for this feature to be available.

Some ideas and possible workarounds:

Similar feature requests:

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