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Last week, I tried to connect my domain (which was already connected elsewhere), but I ended up being left without my emails and my website for several hours. The DNS configuration I made was the one normally requested. I would like to question whether this is normal for this to happen, that is, if you carry out a DNS configuration, it is normal for all emails to be disconnected, and the website below with different IPs. Or, if everything should have gone normally, but clicking on “I’m under attack” caused problems for that reason.

I wanted to add the additional layer of security that cloudflare offers, but I’m afraid that all this could happen again and that I could end up having my online store disconnected for several hours again.

Ensure that:

If you change over again, post back if there are any issues and people can help resolve. If your DNS records are correct you can “pause Cloudflare” to have your site run bypassing Cloudflare while keeping the nameservers set.

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If your MX records point to hostnames that are :orange: proxied, your email will not work because the Cloudflare proxy only passes HTTP and HTTPS traffic by default.

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