DNS - Website doesn't work without www

Our URL www.thebyroncoop.com correctly forwards through to our B2B portal at ‘the-byron-co-op-1.gogecko.com

We would also like our root domain ‘byroncoop.com’ directing through to the same place.

I’ve input CNAME ‘@’ to forward to ‘[email protected]’ but it isn’t working.

Current DNS settings look like this:

Any ideas?


Point your @ record to the-byron-co-op-1.gogecko.com as well. But you’ll need to configure this on your host’s side as well, alternatively you can configure the naked-domain-to-www redirect from #tutorials.

Plus, make sure your encryption mode is “Full Strict”.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

It says it’s applying

Just wanting the redirect to work :slight_smile:


As mentioned

  1. Change the encryption mode to “Full Strict”.
  2. Fix the DNS record and your server configuration or use mentioned redirect.

Thank you for the reply sandro.

  1. Encryption mode changed to 'Full (strict).
  2. DNS record for ‘@’ changed to the-byron-co-op-1.gogecko.com

Any advice on how to make the changes to the host side?

I am afraid that’s something to take up with your host. But your server will need to answer for the naked domain as well.

The easier fix might be to implement the redirect I mentioned.

Thank you again.

Am attempting to work from the tutorials now.

Tutorial in question would be Redirect example.com to www.example.com.

I ended up creating A record for @ through to dummy address then creating page redirect within cloudflare as per tutorial here: Redirect example.com to www.example.com

Thank you for your assistance sandro!

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