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Good day All

I will start off by saying, most questions will probably be dumb ones, as I have no idea what I am doing. I am just tired of trying to get godaddy and Vistaprint to help. I am not a “IT” person, but an accountant, so I apologize upfront.

My situation/Question:

I bought a domain from godaddy, acsaccounting.ca they also host my Office 365 email. @acsaccounting.ca I then went and built an extremely basic website with vistaprint, who told me to change my name servers, which they gave me. I did this. I can’t receive mail, but I can send it. I was told this is a MX issue, but I asked a friend to look, with more knowledge than me, and he seems to think all is in order.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been at this since Friday, with no luck.

What do you mean by “cant receive email”? You can contact your mail server but there never is new mail or you cant connect in the first place?

Your MX record points to acsaccounting.ca.mail.protection.outlook.com. Is that the right address? If it is, it is not an MX issue.

Thank you Sandro

As I said, I am new to this. If I send a mail from that account, I receive it. If I reply to that mail box, I don’t receive the reply. From what I can gather, that is the correct MX records, but if I am not getting it I guess that is the problem?

That sounds like the same thing. Can you post an actual example?

I will try:

If I send an email from say [email protected] to [email protected] Mary receives the email. If Mary however replies, John never receives the email, and Mary never receives a message informing her that the mail could not be delivered.
I hope that makes more sense?

Hm, assuming the MX record is correct (it is, isnt it?) the email should be delivered. I’d assume it rather might be a client configuration issue and you cant fetch your emails in the first place.

Which mail client are you using and which are your connection settings for incoming email?

I would guess so, so it never fetches it.

Now comes the part where I get lost. The email is set up with Offfice 365, so I believe the mail client is the Office365 mail client?

It seems to be working now, miraculously. Could it be that I was just impatient and things were still replicating?

Maybe, impossible to say :slight_smile:

thank you for your time and help! It is truly appreciated!

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