DNS / Web and Server with same address problem

Hi, i’m not expert on dns settings.
I have a little problem.

I have a VPS, on this VPS i have 2 thinks:
WebSite and a Voice Server.

I created two DNS:

The problem is if i use voice.myaddress,com on google i can see my website
It’s possible to block voice.myaddress,com only for access on the voice server and not to the website? Or maybe make a automaticaly redirect?

I need people access on my website only with myaddress,com and not with voice.myaddress,com too.

What i need to do?
Sorry i have a bad english.

What is the “voice server” and what do you mean by “access on it”?

Voice server is TeamSpeak.
Its a voice program called teamspeak.
About access on it:
I need people cant see the website with voice.myaddress.com but only myaddress.com

I need voice,myaddress,com only for teamspeak
And myaddress,com only for website.

Is your voice record flagged as :orange: or :grey:? Considering Teamspeak does not seem to utilise HTTP I would assume it is the latter and in that case your website shouldnt open, unless you point it to the same IP address of course, but that wont be a Cloudflare issue then.

What are the hosts in question?

My voice have the first flag.
My host is ovh.
You think if i disable the flag it can be work?

If your voice record is :orange: Teamspeak shouldnt work to begin with.

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