DNS - Verified Sending Domain via ConvertKit

I’m trying to setup my Verified Sending Domain via ConvertKit.

I’ve copied both CNAME records in to my settings in Cloudflare, set it to DNS only and set the time to Auto.

I’m unable to get the records to verify in ConvertKit, when checking the below tool I also can see that DNS records aren’t being found:

Can you help me to see if I’ve missed anything please?

What is the domain and what CNAMEs have you been asked to set?

this system is not allowing me to add in the details

I am trying to upload a pic and my domain name the system is not allowing me to do so

daneecesheldon.com is the domain name
ckespa - https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=cname%3ackespa.daneecesheldon.com&run=toolpage
cka._domainkey - https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=cname%3acka._domainkey.daneecesheldon.com&run=toolpage

Can you look at the bottom of this page (select your domain name when prompted) and confirm the 2 Cloudflare nameservers that are given…


sure one moment please.

Unfortunately that page does not give me a prompt to do anything.

It should say (after you log in) to “Select a domain” and have a list of your domain names in boxes below. Press your domain name.

No just asking me to change my name servers but my domain name is not at the bottom, unless you want me to edit the DNS details further up.

You are likely in the wrong Cloudflare account or have deleted and re-added the zone to your account. The account that has your domain is using these nameservers for your domain…


and it oddly has TXT record that shows…



Look at the bottom of the DNS page which is where I think you are, you should see two nameservers like this…

If your two are not albert and etta you are in the wrong account, or you have deleted and re-added the zone from your current account in which case you need to update the nameservers at your registrar.

Oh no, so what do I need to do to correct this please?

At the bottom it states jospephine and newt for nameservers, what do I need to do to correct this?

Please first confirm what I’m asking. I don’t want to advise you to do something without confirming what position you are acutally in.

You need to check this is what has happened by telling me the two nameservers given at the bottom of the DNS page, it looks as in the image I showed above.

this is at the bottom of the DNS page I originally reviewed. I hope this is what you’re looking for

Did you remove your domain from Cloudflare and add it back again?

If yes, that will change your nameservers. You need to log in to your registrar account and change the nameservers from albert and etta to josephine and newt. (Someone knows this as odd txt records reflect these names).

If no, then you can either:

  • try to find the other Cloudflare account that is currently using your domain. To do that, log out, go to forgot my email and enter the domain name which will email you recovery information


  • use the account you are currently logged in to, by updating the nameservers as I described above. Note that you need to ensure your new account (if it is one) contains all the correct DNS records for your website and email.

I do not remember removing then adding my domain at all. I’ll try to find the other account based on info you’ve provided. thanks.

the system never sent me an email when I clicked forgot my email so I dont think I have another account. In terms on the proper process for updating the nameservers in cloudflare, I’ll need to go to the DNS page and update that info? Sorry there is a learning curve and I am new at this and have been working to get this going with convertkit all week.

No, you need to go to your registar (Namecheap) and change them there.