DNS Verification for Facebook

I am trying to use the DNS verification method for domains in my Facebook businesss ad accounts. I have added TXT records for both of my pages on Cloudflare but am still not able to verify.



Are A records :orange: at Cloudflare dashboard?

Have you used @ for a TXT record and added (copy-paste) the value received from the Business Manager → Domain verification?

Yes but it still says “DNS TXT Record Mismatch. We did not find a matching DNS TXT entry on your domain.”

Any Instagram accounts added which are active or inactive?

What is the domain name?

Can you try flushing the DNS cache for TXT record of yourdomain.com using this tools (select TXT from dropdown and type yourdomain.com - without www):

Then try to click on the button to verify again at Facebook Business Manager.

Else, if you’re still having troubles, a screenshot of your DNS settings would really help. Otherwise, it might be worth trying to verify your domain using some other method if available?

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