DNS Validation Error - This record type cannot be proxied. (Code: 1004)

Hey everyone,
I am quite new to domains and all that stuff. How ever, I spend a couple of days trying to setup a webserver and Cloudflare that I will eventually use with NGINX to host all my home server instances.
How ever, I just purchased a domain, pointed my nameservers to Cloudflare.
Now I want to add A DNS Records in Cloudflare, but everytime I get the error: DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) This record type cannot be proxied.

Now supposedly this is because I am using a home server to host my domain.
Because when I try to use the ip of my server, 192.xxx.xxx.xxx it gives me the error.
But when I try my workstation IP (PC) which starts with 94.xxx.xxx.xxx it does work.

If it helps any I am hosting a Ubuntu Virtual Machine trough Proxmox.
I set up the DNS Records without proxy in Cloudflare and confirmed that it works and my domain is accessible. How ever if i ping my website it will show my home IP, which is not what I want.

I’d appreciate any help to see what steps I can take to make this work.
Thank you, is a private internet address. You need to use a public IP address in order to be able to proxy. Additionally a private IP address will not work outside your local network.

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