DNS Validation Error - "error_chain":[{"code":9020,"message":"Invalid DNS record type"


Today I am experiencing an odd error via API when I am trying to create a DNS record.

Here is the error I got today:
{"success":false,"errors":[{"code":1004,"message":"DNS Validation Error","error_chain":[{"code":9020,"message":"Invalid DNS record type"}]}],"messages":[],"result":null}

I am sending a request with this parameters:
(‘MyZoneID’, ‘A’, ‘domain.com’, ‘theIPaddress’, 0, false)

Until today everything was fine. Is there anyone who has a problem with creating a DNS record via API v4


The problem is into the Cloudflare API version 1.1.0 is ok but the next version has a bug. I’ve reverted to the lower version and it is working. Hope that someone from Cloudflare will notice that.

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I am having the exact same problem, how did you change the API version?

Just downgrade from the composer. The bug is into the Cloudflare version…

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