DNS validation error - Code: 1004

I am getting an error when trying to add new cname records to my domain.

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004). This record type cannot be proxied.

I wonder if anyone has come across this?

What is the record that you are trying to add? Some might be restricted due to the nature of the record itself (see DKIM CNAMEs, for example).

Hi there, CNAME.

Using Microsoft Exchange for emails and some emails sent are being delivered to recipient email inboxes so they wanted to add new cname records to resolve it.

Yeah, those records can’t be proxied, add them as :grey: and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for that

I’m receiving the same error code when trying to add new CNAME records so mailchimp can verify my domain for better deliverability.
What does the cloud symbol represent?

The fact that the record is proxied or not.

Same solution applies.

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