DNS validation error (code 1004) when adding DKIM record

Emails sent from MS365 account to Yahoo email addresses are bouncing.

MS365 help says enable DKIM, when I try I get message:

CNAME record does not exist for this config.
Please publish the following two CNAME records first.
Domain Name : braintrainuk.com
Host Name : selector1._domainkey
Points to address or value: selector1-braintrainuk com._domainkey.xcdservicescom.onmicrosoft.com

Host Name : selector2._domainkey
Points to address or value: selector2-braintrainuk-com._domainkey.xcdservicescom.onmicrosoft.com

If you have already published the CNAME records, sync will take a few minutes to as many as 4 days based on your specific DNS. Return and retry this step later.

When I try to create on Cloudflare I get error message:

Any ideas?Preformatted text


there is a dash missing between braintrainuk and com for selector1:

selector1-braintrainuk com

Many thanks.

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