DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Adding %s records requires multi-provider DNSSEC to be enabled on the zone, see <https://api.cloudflare.com/#dnssec>

Hello, when I try to add a DNSKEY record I get the following error

Why am I getting this error? The website is japklaxs.epizy.com (and it is pending nameserver update, so it’s not active on CF yet!)

Do I have to activate the site on CF first, then add the DNSKEY record?

@MoreHelp It’s been about 72 hours since I created this topic, and I haven’t received a reply!

That’s not a useful error in this situation, but this is probably the underlying cause of the error.

So change the nameservers (NS) to the provided Cloudflare NS records, then add the DNSKEY record?


Unless you have really specific concerns about your domain being attacked/spoofed/forged/etc and a really solid understanding of DNSSEC, remove any DNSSEC records at your registrar, wait one full TTL cycle (.com this is 24 hours / 86400 seconds, other TLDs could be different), then change the nameservers.

Typically you can set up DNSSEC on the Cloudflare side as soon as the nameservers are changed (and the change is recognized by Cloudflare).


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