DNS validation error 1004 9005



am trying to add A type but it does not get added it shows me a message with the following DNS VALIDATION ERROR CODE 1004 content for the record invalid must be a valid ipv4 adresse code 9005
i contacted my website provider and they told me to contact cloudflare
i have everythink good the dns on my website provider are the same as the cloudflare give me.
i didn’t find the probleme

thanks for help


Please make sure the IP address is a. not an address of the Cloudflare proxy, but is the actual origin IP address of the server and b. if the server is on an internal network (not internet routable) that the record you are creating is :grey: not :orange: as we can’t proxy non-routable traffic.

Link to a similar community issue below:


hi please help me i dont know why i cant add my website

Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of prediksitogel.vip at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later. (Code: 1110)


That just happened to me. It turned out my current DNS (brand new site) was not properly set up.

I’d suggest that for now, you use Namecheap’s (your registrar, correct?) DNS, and then try again:

  1. Go to Namecheap and set your domain’s Name Servers for Namecheap’s default local servers.
  2. At Namecheap, add some DNS records for your site.