DNS url location on my dashboard doesn't appear

Hi Guys,

Do you know where is the url for DNS on our dashboard?

I can’t see it on my dashboard.



Can you share a Screenshot what you see in Menu Bar ?

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this is the only I have.

You need to select the website First

After that you can see the DNS Manager

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Thanks for your reply.

I don’t have any website. I’m just using Cloudflare as my secondary public DNS.

@majimenez Are u on a Enterprise Plan ?

Secondary DNS is available for domains on Enterprise plans.

If you are in Enterprise plan
Contact your Cloudflare Account team to request Secondary DNS.

Full Document Here

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If you are a Cloudflare Zero Trust customer there is a DNS dashboard in dash.teams.cloudflare.com. If you are just using 1.1.1.x there is no dashboard


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