DNS Updates - What did I do wrong?

I added a subdomain to my hosting server account and added a fresh install of WP on that subdomain. Then I was told that I had to come here and add an A record for that subdomain in the DNS on Cloudflare and point the IP to the same as the IP on my primary domain. [The subdomain is managewp.biznification.com]

That was 4 days ago, and it still has not resolved. The page managewp.biznification.com is still showing a 404 error. I realize DNs updates can take up to 48 hours, but in 10 years, I’ve never had one take longer than an hour, and 4 days is asinine.

I just started using Cloudflare about a month ago, and I LOVE the minify and CDN options here, but if it means I can’t actually add subdomains I am going to have to cancel.

Hi @mstrbig1978,

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulty. An average DNS change on Cloudflare will replicate globally in under 5 seconds. Since your record is proxied by Cloudflare the public IP address won’t change however the target of the requests is updated.

Assuming the IP address of the target is correct, the host doesn’t appear to be configured to display that website. You can test this by changing the :orange: to :grey: and trying to connect to the origin directly. That DNS change may take up to 5 minutes based on the TTL of the record with your resolver since the actual record returned by public DNS will change.

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