DNS Updates Reverted

Hello community,

I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

Yesterday evening (Central European Time) there was a “DNS Update Delays” outage: https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/incidents/byhy098jxck6

Just before that, I’ve added two new DNS TXT records (DKIM and DMARC) and updated my existing TXT record for SPF.
Later in the evening, after the incident had been resolved, I ran the dig command and it seemed that all records were successfully propagated. I even checked with sites like mxtoolbox.com and dmarcian.com.

However, I’ve just checked now, and to my surprise all the changes that I’ve done yesterday are now gone.
They are no longer in the DNS, and I cannot find them in the Cloudflare UI (DNS > Records).
My nameservers are ainsley.ns.cloudflare.com and lex.ns.cloudflare.com.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
I can recreate the records, but I am worried they will get deleted again.
Since these records are for email authentication, the issue is very disruptive for my domain.

Many thanks,

Are you using Ezoic or any other service that accesses your account to make changes?

You can check who/what made the changes in your audit log…


Wow! Great catch!
Indeed, I am using Ezoic, so I actually have to do any DNS changes through them.

I was mislead by yesterday’s outage, thinking that it somehow reverted my changes.

Many thanks for the help!

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