DNS updates not propagating

My e-mail hasn’t been able to be sent or delivered since I started using CF. I greyed out the cloud icon per this support article but nothing happened. When I check DNS entries using either Who.Is or intodns the ip address I entered for ‘mail’, and that shows on the CF DNS dashboard aren’t shown. Instead the older values are there. I changed them >24 hours ago.
Is there something else that I need to do?
Here’s the image of the CF DNS dashboard:

And this is what the entries look like on who.is:
In case it’s not that clear, what I want to do is continue hosting my email with the original service provider, but I’m using a server on a different network for my website (actually, it’s on a Raspberry Pi at home, but that’s another story).
Any help gratefully received.

For some reason the original post has the two pictures the wrong way round. Not sure what happened there.

Inbound mail is going to be a problem because the MX record points to bridline, which is set to :orange:, which only proxies HTTP. Not mail. See if changing that MX record to mail.bridline (dot com).

As for outbound mail, make sure your mail app is set to send mail via mail.bridline.

Thank you for the advice. It has worked a treat. Everything now works again :grinning:

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