DNS updates issues with Cloudflare partners like Gitbook

Multiple users report the same issue:

After leaving Gitbook, they can’t get control of their subdomains back, even after adding their own CNAME or A records for the subdomain. Because they delete the Gitbook site, this generally results in 404.

It seems that Gitbook also uses Cloudflare and may be some sort of Cloudflare partner. It seems that Gitbook is not updating its records and/or not giving back control of traffic for the subdomains that were routed to it.

(Yes, they’ve waited 24 hours, purged the cache etc.)

The reason I’ve gone down this rabbit hole is that, unfortunately, I can also reproduce it.

Most users would say this just shouldn’t be possible. Domain on Cloudflare, DNS on Cloudflare, pointing to your own website, and yet traffic is going to a 3rd party.

Possible resolutions:

  • Cloudflare partners like Gitbook should have more restricted power.
  • Cloudflare partners like Gitbook should with power should be forced to use it more responsibly, specifically on cleanup (when a client leaves).

Does this happen with other Cloudflare partners?

Is there already a way to force a reset from the Cloudflare side?

Hi @user16863,

The old SaaS provider should remove your configuration when you are no longer a customer of theirs. If they have not, you should contact them and ask them to do so.

This is a pain point we see a lot here with a variety of different SaaS customers and I believe work is being done to make this easier to see/manage.

Thanks, I contact GitBook Support and they resolved it in about 24 hours.

The status quo is very unintuitive and manual for all parties.

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