DNS update still in pending

Its been almost 48 hours and when I checked NS it shows update NS of Cloudflare in dig NS but I don’t get it why domain is in pending state? Although there is no DNSSEC enabled on domain. So I need to do any thing else from cpanel as well? Since I have no access for making changes in Name server update I ask my host provider to add additional NS of Cloudflare for my domain.

One more thing same Public IP already having one domain register here on Cloudflare with my account but I don’t think so it could be an issue with it.



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I’m seeing these four nameservers:


It seems this is the core of your problem.

You should replace the existing nameservers with the Cloudflare nameservers, instead of adding to the existing ones. So get your provider to remove these two:


So you’ll be left with ONLY the two Cloudflare nameservers.

Thank you for your prompt response. Issue is I have that domain with hosting , all I want to keep my existing hosting as well along with cloudflare :). I need only one subdomain to be on cloudflare not all.

I understand your use-case, and perhaps 90% of Cloudflare users have a similar use-case.

But think of it this way: you can’t have two independent “kings” controlling the domain. You need to have just one king, who can then delegate some duties to others.

For our case, you’ll need to have Cloudflare (ONLY) be your authoritative nameserver, and use Cloudflare’s DNS manager to point appropriate DNS records to your hosting provider.

Note that it’s possible Cloudflare scanned your domain at the time you added it and has the DNS records already pointed to your hosting provider, and you just need to remove the other nameservers to active the zone.

@GeorgeAppiah I understand in that case do I need to add NS into my hosting as well because I have added those domain into my domain provider in case i will have to remove hosting NS from domain panel right?

Do you want to have this resolved? We’re all here to help you… but it seems we’re only going round and round in circles and not getting anywhere.

Step 1: Go to your domain Registrar’s panel and remove (or have them remove, if you don’t have access) these nameservers:


… so you have only your Cloudflare nameservers.


That’s just STEP1. Do this and report back.

Standing by.

I can see you’ve removed the extraneous nameservers now.

The domain should be active in your Cloudflare account now. Your site also continues to work… as it used to before activating Cloudflare.

Is there anything else that’s not working? Anything else you need help with?

It’s done I have remove hosting nameserver and only added cloudflare nameservers its working now.

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