DNS Update Not Reflecting After Account Change

Dear Cloudflare Support,

I am experiencing an issue with DNS changes not propagating after transferring management from an old account to a newly created account. Here are the details:

  1. Previous Account Management: The DNS for my domain 3inbang.com was initially managed under a different Cloudflare account. All settings were functioning correctly under this account.
  2. Account Transition: I recently created a new Cloudflare account and updated the DNS records, specifically the IP addresses, to manage 3inbang.com under this new account. However, the changes do not seem to be reflecting, and traffic continues to be directed to the old IP address.

I have verified the DNS settings in the new account and everything appears to be configured correctly. Despite this, the DNS propagation check tools still show the old IP address across various locations.

Could you please assist in investigating why the DNS changes are not propagating as expected? Are there any additional steps I need to take to ensure the new settings take effect?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
Charelse Lee

I do not see any issue with the propagation rather when entering the site, the too many redirect error is followed. Best is, set your SSL to Full Strict from your dashboard under SSL tab. For more info, see the following CommunityTip

Ofcourse it works perfectly because it is not changed.

http://3inbang.com is not changed what we changed IP address

We changed it to 43.200.X.219 but it is still

nslookup 3inbang.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: 3inbang.xom
Address: 172.67.X.102
Name: 3inbang.xom
Address: 104.21.X.89
Name: 3inbang.xo
not changed

The IP addresses you are seeing are because you are proxying your traffic through Cloudflare, so they are Cloudflare IP addresses. Requests for your site go first to Cloudflare, which then applies the protections and features you have configured in Cloudflare, then are passed to your server. Your server IP is hidden from public view.

See here…

If you want to see your IP addresses publicly then you need to set the DNS records to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied”. But then requests go direct to your server and no Cloudflare features can be applied to traffic.


I am reaching out for assistance regarding an issue I am experiencing with DNS settings in my Cloudflare account. I have updated the DNS records to point to a new IP address, but traffic continues to be routed to the IP address that was set under a previously used account, not reflecting the changes I have made.

And the previous account owner remove all about 3inbang.com.

Despite updating the IP in my DNS settings within Cloudflare, the traffic does not seem to recognize the new IP address and is still directed to the old one. This situation is problematic as it prevents the updated configuration from taking effect, which is critical for my service operations.

I have ensured that the records are correctly entered and have waited sufficient time for DNS propagation. However, the issue persists without any change, suggesting that the updates are not being applied as expected.

Could you please investigate this matter and assist in ensuring that the DNS updates are correctly implemented and propagated throughout the network? Any prompt assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated, as this issue is impacting the functionality and security of my services.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Best regards, Charlse

It works now :slight_smile:
I think it needs long time to change it

Thanks anyway

Best regards, Charlse