DNS update for DKIM Record

Hi Team, Need help in adding one DKIM Record in my DNS record , however not able to add and showing error message at the bottom of the screen. Need help

It is obstructed by the previous record and I am not able to find it out

Did the link in the error message help?

A DKIM record would not be residing at the naked domain name (e.g. as @, according to your screenshot).

It would be somewhere below the β€œ_domainkey” label.

According to How to Verify and Authenticate a Sending Domain - MailerSend, it would apparently need the name to be β€œmlsend._domainkey”, rather than β€œ@”, meaning that β€œmlsend” would be the selector for your DKIM set up.

You would however need to confirm that selector with MailerSend.


It is little complicated for me to understand , if someone can help with steps , would be great

Please look into this:

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Still unable to understand, even if they confirm , can u please let me know the steps please

In your screenshot, you have entered @ into the name field. That is wrong.

The name has to be in the form of something._domainkey.

As @DarkDeviL has pointed out, the correct name is probably

If you want to be sure, perform the test at https://www.mail-tester.com and post the result here. It will contain the correct value for the name field if your emails are already DKIM signed.

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