DNS update doesnt show in cloudflare


Cloudflare is not showing the DNS update. It still keep asking me to re-check my servers. However i am sure the DNS is working on cloudflare as i added a new email mx records and stuff on cloudflare and it is working without any issue. However the main page doesnt show cloudflare is protecting my site.



my domain is rapidz.io

Are you on a Business plan?

Yes, i am on business plan

Then remove the two Cloudflare vanilla nameservers at your registrar and only set your two custom ones.

I’ve tried using vanilla and custom nameservers… they are the same…

nevertheless, let me try just using the customs nameservers.

You should only have the two custom nameservers you set up.

Ok. I’ll do that. Let me check again after another hour. Thank you!

What you set do not seem to be the nameservers which Cloudflare has on file.

Can you post a screenshot of the nameservers you defined on Cloudflare?

That is interesting. Cloudflare currently advertises these two


You could try to remove them and set them up from scratch, however it might be best to clarify this with support.

How do i clarify with support? Is there a support email?


Alright. i’ll write to them now. Thank you!

With a Business plan you should receive relatively quickly a response (two, three hours). If the response is not meaningful, reply and tell them in order to keep the ticket open.

You can also post the ticket number here for @cloonan.

Thank you! My ticket number is #1919072. I’ll check back again later tonight for replies in the ticket.

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