DNS Update Delay

I updated the A record and CNAME for jimmytheboxerautomall.com almost 11 hours ago but Cloudflare is still pointing to the old site. Changes have always updated within minutes until now. Not sure what to do

Sounds related to this

Is the record still not updated?

No change some 20 hours plus later. The domain was previously parked on Godaddy and both the A record and CNAME previously resolved to… a look up of this IP indicates that it is a Cloudflare IP

If the record is being proxied that’s expected…


OK - But is there a solution?

Were you using a service through a Cloudflare SSL for SaaS customer you’d need to contact that specific provider and ask them to remove the “custom hostname” mapping for your domain if you are no longer using their service.

Right now, unproxied the origin never responds on 443, when proxied it generates a 503 error. The issue appears to be with your origin server…

Ok… Thank you. Once removed, how quickly do you think the old settings would get flushed and the new ones take hold?

Yes… I temporarily removed the proxying and our version of the site loaded (No SSL). I’ll attempt it with proxying re-enabled and it the old site loads then I’ll inform the client that we need to contact the current hosting provider and ask them to remove the custom hostname (remove everything I guess)… Thanks

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