DNS under propagation

This is from my host. Been waiting to propagate for 12+ hours.
Any solutions?


Seems DNS under propagation


We can’t do much more on this, please check with cloudflare end

You seem to have a DNSSEC issue


Thank you Sandro. My DNS appears to be troubled. Status- Bogus 6 Secure 6 Errors 10, non-existant 1.
My domain and servers are cloudflare. How do I repair DNS?

In this case you need to contact support and they need to fix the DNSSEC issue.

Thank you. I’ll send to support.

At your domain registrar, the DS record is set to algorithm 8 (RSA/SHA-256), but Cloudflare uses algorithm 13 (ECDSA P-256 with SHA-256).

The other elements of the DS record are correct.

(Algorithm 13 was defined in 2012, so lousy registrars may not support it. But almost all of them do by now.)

You just need to fix that one field of the DS record at your domain registrar.

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Cloudflare is my registrar. Transferred from google domains last month

Post the ticket number here so @cloonan can track it.

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Oh. I hadn’t checked.

Well, they definitely support algorithm 13!

But I don’t know if you can fix this through the dashboard, or if you do have to contact support.

I filed support ticket this morning. No response yet.

I didn’t get a support number. No confirmation email either. Getting to support isn’t easy. I’ll file again

Try to file again

How did you open the ticket? You should get a number, if you didnt you probably dont have an open ticket.

Check at https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/requests

I cannot get to support. It keeps sending me to community. Any direct route to support?

How come? You click “Submit a request” and choose the appropriate option and you are fine.

Ticket # 1744203 . Thanks for help. I do hope they fix it. I’ve had problems with this for over 2 weeks, and I was just sent to Q&A sections. Since Mnordhoff found the problem, Cloudflare may fix it.

As I said, it is a DNSSEC issue and only Cloudflare can fix that and you need to contact them. Considering you now have opened a ticket you should wait until they get back to you.

Upate. My issue still is not resolved. I received email this morning that it was, but…twincities.newsfirstusa.com still says “error establishing a database connection” . I am patiently waiting as I have respect for the experts. I am glad that my main domain
and this subdomain are still being developed. If it was a revenue source I would be a bit more concerned. Thanks again for helping.

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