DNS Type A ip error

I’m migrating from e-commerce platform and needed to change DNS type “A” to the new ip. I did it more than 3 hours ago but it’s still informing the old ip. I would like to know how I make the change work

old ip - and
New -

Those first two are Cloudflare’s Proxy IP addresses for your website. Those are the public-facing addresses your visitors use.

The 177. would be the inside IP address that Cloudflare uses to connect to your server in order to proxy the content.

Updates to your internal DNS records here are instantaneous. Is something not working?

where do I change the internal DNS?

On the DNS tab.

this was the DNS I changed, did I do it wrong?

That’s correct.

Are the two name servers listed at the bottom of that screen James and Paris?

Captura de tela 2021-09-23 131915|690x388

But when I do the test it still shows the wrong ip

And that hostname is still set to :grey: DNS Only?

I guess so

What I did was delete one ip and changed the other

did I do it right?

Your first picture had it right:

Since you’re using the correct name servers, it’s quite possible Support will have to rebuild your zone to refresh you changes. Normally, it does it automatically, but it might be stuck somewhere.

I use the free version so I don’t access support

I paused Cloudflare and DNS A worked

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