DNS TXT unable to authentication

Have enter the following DNS TXT record into your domain provider. Have allow 48 hours for DNS to update and make sure you entered the correct TXT record into your domain provider’s DNS settings page but still unable to authentication. Have checked with Google Support. All the Cpanel settings are correct.
You can see at whatsmydnsnet/#TXT/iconichotel.com.my. There is no DNS lookup to check a domain name’s current IP address and DNS record information.

There is no record found from the below site.

Looks to me the added record is :orange: proxied. Make sure to set that record as :grey: DNS only

It looks like you only have one TXT record on your domain and it resolved as expected.
If you are referring other record such as CNAME to validate, please make sure to use DNS only mode as @neiljay advised you earlier.



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