Dns TXT record not be approved

Hello, have a good time I wanted to connect the domain to yandex mail. I will create that TXT record in Cloudflair, but it will not be approved. It will take about 2 days. Help me. Thank you very much. Why do you think it is not?

Well, the record is in place.

nslookup -type=txt ostadcoach.com koa.ns.cloudflare.com
Server:  koa.ns.cloudflare.com

ostadcoach.com  text =

        "yandex-verification: ddb03ded192537e2"

From that screenshot it would seem it should be for www.ostadcoach.com, though typically it is set up on the naked domain and that’s what you did. You might want to contact your service provider and ask them why it did not verify yet. Maybe it is the hostname.

It most likely will be the hostname, as specifically pointed out in your screenshot.

Does your server IP address end in 238?

Thanks for the replay
I happened to be hosting a ticket and they told me to come here and raise the issue

Yes ip is

Well, the record is in place and if it’s the right record you need to clarify with them why it’s not working, Cloudflare can’t do anything. If it’s not the right record, then you need to set up the correct record according the instructions

But you should really check your encryption mode as you do not have a secure site right now.

This dns will be fixed now, we will fix the security later, the host says to announce in cloudflare, do you or your friends have a solution to solve this problem?

Your screenshot said the last check was three days ago. Did you try the “Check Now” button?

You really need to talk to your host. This is not Cloudflare related, on Cloudflare the record is present.

What is related to Cloudflare is the security issue and that should be fixed straight away.


Thanks, I told them it probably wouldn’t work

Again, the record is there. If they have issues, only they can clarify that. On Cloudflare’s side there’s no issue.

But you need to fix the broken security on your server.

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